How I Make Money with Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Making money online with Flipkart affiliate program in India.

You know what:

  • Flipkart affiliate program is easy to use and…
  • Many Indians use Flipkart to purchase a lot of goods online.

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How I make money

That means if every purchase on Flipkart in your area is affiliated with you then you’ll be earning enough to live happily. You might end up earning more than Rs. 1,50,000 monthly. That’s why you need to sign up now at the Flipkart Affiliate program and start trying.

In this post, I will show you how to setup an Affiliate Account at Flipkart and get your affiliate links up and running within an hour.

Let me remind you again:

It’s very easy to use and nothing to worry about. You do not need to pay to register as an affiliate at Flipkart affiliate program.

About the Flipkart Affiliate Program:

Name Flipkart Affiliate Program.
Minimum Payout Threshold Rs. 1000 via EFT. Rs. 250 via Flipkart Gift card
Payout Approval Time 2 months (60 Days)
Official Website
Who is allowed (as an affiliate) Everyone
Documents Required 1. Payee Name 2. PAN Details 3. IFSC Code 4. Bank Account Number
Ease of Use Very Easy.

Scam or Real:

While doing my keyword research for this article, I found many searches for keywords like “flipkart affiliate scam” and “does flipkart affiliate work”. Now, this happens with every other big affiliate program and I would like to tell you that it works wonderfully well. I have been using it since its launch and there are only a few ignorable problems I have faced.

Setting up an Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Hit the “Join Now for Free” Button
  3. Put your email address and select your password.
  4. Confirm your email.
  5. Fill up the form (it’s easy).
  6. Done.

You can now start creating your own affiliate links and start earning money online.

How to use the Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard:

1. Generating your Affiliate Links:

Once you login your Flipkart affiliate account, the first thing you see is the Dashboard and the Overview tab is open there. To generate your affiliate link for any given product, just copy the link from the product’s address/URL bar and paste it in the affiliate link generator.

Using the flipkart affiliate link generator to make money with flipkart affiliate program.

2. Generating Reports:

You don’t need to generate advanced reports unless you get really serious with the affiliate program but the ready-made available reports on your Overview Dashboard are more than enough to check your month’s earning and clicks.

Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard Earnings

There are many (and I really mean many) ways you can earn money with this program. So, without wasting any other moment, let’s get started.

1. Social Media.

Everyone uses Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Hike, Snapchat and Twitter too. I know you use them too.

Don’t you?

So just share your affiliate links with your friends, family, relatives and turn them into cash via these social media accounts. You know using them is super easy and you already use them.

But there’s more than that with social media.

You can create your own page and make it popular by sharing high quality and original work, gain more and more followers and you know next:

Share your affiliate links with your followers and earn money at scale.

2. Facebook Groups Method.

Now, this is a method that works like a charm I’ve used it personally in the 2014 and early 2015 to make money. This method requires really long manual work. What you do is:

  • Join as many facebook groups as you can (without looking like an automated bot)
  • Get your affiliate link of a newly launched product
  • Post your link in every group with a special message dedicated to the group…(don’t copy paste same message in all the groups)
  • Wait for sales.

Your account can get banned doing this on a very large scale. Do it at your own risk. :p

3. Blogging/Vlogging.

Blogging is in a written format while Vlogging is in the video format. Most popular vlogging platform is youtube and you use youtube too. You can create your own channel, grow followers and again: make money with Flipkart affiliate program. Blogging, on the other hand, is like this site: Affperk is a blog, written.

You can create blogs about specific products sold on amazon and Flipkart and earn money from them via the Flipkart and amazon affiliate programs.

4. [Advanced] Email Marketing.

Email marketing is not something everyone can do:

  • You need to spend time collecting emails addresses &
  • You need to spend time sending emails.

I am not going to go in deep with this topic as it is not as easy as compared to the above-mentioned methods, but it works and I’ve made money with Clickbank and email marketing in the past. The good thing about email marketing is that we can scale the operations.  We can send 1,00,000 emails at a time and just wait for someone to click on our link and buy! There’s a very good chance of earning.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are just starting out learning about money making methods online, you might have come across this term many times. It says “Affiliate Marketing”. Many online professional bloggers who share their income report on their blogs term “Affiliate Marketing” as their biggest source of income.

I will just introduce you to the concept here in this article:

Affiliate marketing is earning commission on every sale. If someone is selling any kind of products online, there is a very high chance that they have an affiliate program. Once you join the affiliate program, you are provided with your affiliate link and you can share them with people who will buy that. You earn commission on every sale.



Now that I’ve told you the ways you can make money out of Flipkart Affiliate program, I would like to conclude the article by sharing with you some pros and cons of using it.

It pays out after two months or sixty days of sale. This is not something very surprising because the person who purchased the item has an option to return the item and get a refund within 30 days and some products 45 days. Because of this policy, flipkart cannot pay out any commission before the 60 days period.

Enough said. You have the knowledge and skill required to make money with flipkart affiliate program now. It’s your turn to take action and see results.

Please share your opinions and questions in the comments section below.

Amazon vs Flipkart Affiliate Program – Everything Compared!

Flipkart vs Amazon Affiliate Programs. Every detail is compared and reviewed. Best affiliate program in India.

Which one should you choose:

Flipkart Affiliate Program or Amazon (India) Affiliate Program (also known as Amazon Associates Program)? Both of them are trusted e-commerce giants in India and they probably sell items worth more than Rs. 1 crore online. Both of them have their own fans and haters too. You will have to rationally think about choosing one of them to start making money online.

But which one?

I would recommend joining both of them and testing out which affiliate program converts best for your traffic. Both of the affiliate programs provide good tools for analytics and both provide approximately same commission rates to the respective product categories.

Which one is the best:

I will personally say Amazon is better than Flipkart; not because the earlier converts better than the latter but because Amazon pays out faster (earlier) and in my opinion, Amazon has better overall affiliate support than Flipkart.

Further, in the post, I will try to compare both of the affiliate programs with all the available comparable data.

Who Pays More Commission:

Advertising Fees Amazon Affiliate Program Flipkart Affiliate Program
Consumer Electronics (excl. Data Storage Devices) 4% 4%
Mobile Phones 4% 4%
Clothing 12% 10%
Shoes 12% 10%
Beauty and Health 10% 10%
Books 10% 8%
Jewellery 10% 10%
Data Storage Devices 2% 2%

*As you may have noted: Amazon Associates Program pays slightly more than Flipkart.

In my opinion, most of the online affiliate sales are from fashion, clothing and footwear items and here Amazon does a good job of providing 2% more commission on those items.

Also, Amazon allows some sellers to remove their product from the affiliates section and pay no or lesser commission.

Amazon allows some sellers to choose their affiliate commission and some to remove the commission completely.

Which program offers better support:

I have personal experience of using both of the affiliate programs for last three years. What I’ve learned is Flipkart support is a myth. Flipkart’s affiliate care employees typically work in the Indian style. Sometimes the Flipkart affiliate program’s support page doesn’t even load or the contact form doesn’t work.

While Amazon is not very great but does a better job than Flipkart. They have a dedicated email for affiliate support but they only reply after a day or two.

Bottom point is:

Amazon Associates Program is better than Flipkart Affiliate program when it comes to affiliate help and support.

Better Technical Infrastructure:

None of the affiliate programs being compared show real time date, that means we have to wait for some time to see how many sales we have made and the commission we earned.

Having said that I think Flipkart is better with this. I am not sure but I think for me Flipkart updated it every 2 hours or so. I could see the commission within hours as soon as I would start spamming social media with my links.

Flipkart Affiliate Dashboard Earnings

More Earning: Flipkart or Affiliate?

You probably only want to know: where will you earn the maximum?

So let’s answer you question.

  • Flipkart is more popular than Amazon in India. [Flipkart 1 – Amazon 0]
  • Cancellation rates are higher at Flipkart than Amazon. [Flipkart 1 – Amazon 1]
  • More people trust Amazon than Flipkart. [Flipkart 1 – Amazon 2]
  • I’ve earned more on Amazon than anywhere else. [Flipkart 1 – Amazon 3]

Minimum Payout and Payment Options

Information Flipkart Amazon
Minimum Payout Rs. 1000 via EFT Rs. 250 via Gift Vouchers Rs. 1000 via EFT
Payout Time 60 Days 60 Days
Payout Medium EFT Banking Gift Vouchers EFT Banking

As you can see in the table, both the affiliate programs offer the same payout options. There is no big difference about which you need to worry. Also, there is no need to worry about payment, both of the affiliate programs are real and payout on regular basis.

Getting Approved

The process of getting approved is pretty easy. You don’t need to have any kind of website or blog running to get approved in the affiliate programs. You can put in any of your social media accounts profile link in the form which they give you to fill up. After two or three days of signing up, you’ll get an email that you have been approved into the program.

What should you take away…

  • Amazon Affiliate program is the winner when compared to Flipkart affiliate program.
  • Amazon has slightly better commission rates.
  • Both the affiliate programs have same payout options.

Do let me know your earnings through the comments section below.